Megas Games

Mega's Games is a game server for FiveM, a modification for Grand Theft Auto V for creating customized dedicated servers of various kinds.

Mega is a gamemode server providing a selection of custom gamemodes that stand out as a diamond in the FiveM universe which is over-saturated with Roleplay servers. Hence it offers a great escape for people who want to enjoy some quick fun gamemodes.

The original website of Mega was a simple Squarespace website which was not well optimized for big screens. The goal was to create a landing page that is easier on the eyes with a little darker color palette, as well as improving readability by spreading information a little further apart. After taking some additional inspiration from the FiveM Homepage, we ended up with a homepage that represents the fun aspect of the server without overwhelming the user with flashy colors and squeezed in text.

Once Version 1 was complete, the results got shared with the Mega team after which some final touches were added.



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