ApeTape is the homepage for my friend who's an aspiring artist who's going under the name of Schimpanski. He needed a website for his slowly establishing music label and asked me to make him something to represent his vision for their online presence.

The website was made using NextJS and Chakra-UI. It's a static page that's built on demand and is currently hosted on Gitlab Pages. In the future, I'm planning on moving to Cloudflare Pages due to their better global CDN network.

The content is managed using a Strapi backend server which triggers a CI/CD pipeline on updates to re-build the website and deploy it.

This approach has the advantage of having a static website that gets scaled globally. It's easier on resources, the backend being the most resource heavy service, and the website runs even when the backend is not available.

Unfortunately the website is still quiet empty as there hasn't been much content been added by my friend yet, but this should change in the near future.

Check out his song Kurzschluss if you're into techno!



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