ApeTape was supposed to be the homepage for my friend who's an aspiring artist who's going under the name of Schimpanski. He needed a website for his slowly establishing music label and asked me to make him something to represent his vision for their online presence.

We had been going through various designs and after a few years we finally had a running website made with NextJS and Chakra-UI, but he ended up deciding that he does not want a website anymore, so I had to scrap this project. I took down the website, but here is the Figma mock up:

The website was a statically generated page using CI/CD pipelines in GitLab. GitLab Pages was the deployment target, although I had planned to move on to Cloudflare Pages in the future.
Strapi was the CMS system that was hosted on my own server on Kubernetes. Via webhooks, my CI/CD pipeline was triggered to build a new version of the website whenever there's an update in the CMS.

This approach had the advantage of having a static website that's easy to scale and cheap to host. It's easier on resources, the CMS being the most resource heavy service, and the website runs even when the backend is not available.

Check out his song Kurzschluss if you're into techno!


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