My name's Eren and I'm a software developer from Germany!

I've taught myself programming back in around 2017 using AutoHotkey to create keybinders to automate process in video games, specifically for San Andreas Multiplayer.
I continued my journey using basic HTML to create websites and took a peek into various programming languages like C++ or Java. But after all, making websites was what brought me the most fun, so once I learned about NodeJS and ReactJS, I started learning a lot about front- & backend development using NodeJS. I still occasionally look into new JS frameworks, or even try out new languages, but I don't think I could ever get tired of having NextJS as part of my tech stack.

My Hobbies?

I'm a huge fan of anything technical. I've always been a petrol head and taught myself a lot about working on cars on our old family car, a Subaru Forester. My love for cars, for Subaru's specifically, has introduced me to a great community of like-minded people who have been very welcoming to my novice questions about cars which has brought me to the point where I can confidentially take on a mechanical problem as a challenge rather than getting intimidated and bringing my car to a shop.

Furthermore I enjoy working with electronics. I love tinkering with Raspberry Pi's and started learning about programming microcontrollers on a Pi Pico recently. I enjoy soldering (even if I'm not quite good at it) which comes in handy a lot as I love repairing stuff rather than throwing them away. An example would be my multimeter that my dad gave me which didn't turn on properly. With the help of like-minded folks on the internet, I've been able to identify a moisture damage on the board and have repaired the PCB.

I would love to get myself a 3D printer and get to do more 3D modelling. I recently taught myself 3D modelling in TinkerCAD designed my own case for the Pi Pico to accommodate a soldered-on LiPo battery shim which I printed at school which has gotten me very excited about 3D printing.

An image showing my 3D printed case

Another hobby I'm getting into currently is Hot Wheels customization. I've designed custom decals (headlights, grills, license plates etc) for my Lexus LS400 Matchbox and I'm turning it into a Toyota Crown. I would love to create one of my old Subaru, but I haven't found a Hot Wheel/Matchbox that has a similar body style yet.

Image: Toyota Crown decals (front) prototypes on paper

What music I listen to?

Honestly, I listen to all sorts of songs. I love discovering new songs and I'm very open minded when it comes to music. I listen to pretty much anything. One moment I'm vibing to RnB, the next you catch me switch to my phonk playlist when playing video games. Suddenly you hear Russian Rap followed up by Finnish Pop.